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Homeschool PE

Welcome to the Homeschool Lesson programs page!

This is a fully crafted Physical Education program whereby we offer a range of activities to cover the full scope of physical literacy for kids who are not in traditional school for ages 5 to 15 y/o.

This complete PE program covers multiple sporting disciplines utilizing Airhouse’s state-of-the-art facilities, from coaching on the trampolines, gymnastics on the spring floor, parkour in the free running zone, and skateboarding on the mini ramp, plus more!

Students with us will use the full facility and receive their physical activity requirements, with coaching and games in a supportive, fun, and progressive environment!

Using a program based on Sport For Life’s Long Term Athlete Development model, we will offer lessons in coordination, body awareness, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and skill development.

Classes are restricted to a maximum of 10 students, and the building will be shut down to other regular Drop-In's and other bookings.

As well as covering the multiple sporting disciplines above, this program also includes:
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Qualified Coaches for the sports that we cover
  • Progress cards as we go through the program

Kids Sports Grants:
Did you know there are grants available for kids to learn sports? We accept third-party billing from both Athletics4Kids, Jumpstart, Pathways Academy, and Self Design so you can use the funding to get your kids into programs with us! Check out their websites for more details.


  • If what you are looking for is not currently listed, then please contact us directly and we'll do our very best to arrange a specific Lesson program for you
  • Did you know that we now offer Private and Custom Lessons so that you can play and train within your very own private family/friends crew!
Cancellation policy:
Please visit our website https://airhouse.ca/faq for information.

Spring 2 | Homeschool PE CAD$192 Purchase required to enroll

A complete Physical Education program for students from 5 -12 years old. Our program will offer a range of activities, to cover all aspects of coordination & physical literacy for kids.